Our dogs having a great time at our daycare centre.

Daycare Services

Your dog will play all day in our giant doggy play area!
We have several buildings for them to hangout in or they
can stay in the sun! We will also provide free bathing and
meal session before your dogs head home after spending
a day with us.

Price range: $20 per hour(First timers get a 40% off their payment!)

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Our dogs having a good time socialising.

Socialising Sessions

Dogs enjoy companionship with other dogs just as much as with us humans.
Doggy daycare provides your pet with healthy social interactions with other
dogs plus the love and care from our experienced handlers! Expand your dog’s
social circle with our pre-assessed group of well-balanced dogs.

Price range: $35 per 2 hour session as add-on


Our dogs having a good time exercising.

Exercise Sessions

Designed for interactive stimulation, our playroom is perfect
for your dogs to run around, have tonnes of fun playing and
get their physical and mental energy spent. Carefully selected
toys that challenge your dog’s IQ and satisfy their cravings
as canines have been put out for their pure enjoyment,
engaging their sense of sight and smell.

Price range: $30 per 2 hour session as add-on