About Us

Since being founded in 2008, we have poured our hearts into crafting a

sanctuary that dogs can call their home while their owners are away.

Safe, clean and never confined, dogs will experience all the love and

care they deserve while owners are free of worries, knowing their dog

is in the best care. We strive to be at the forefront of dog care,

constantly evolving and learning about the best way to provide love

and care for our client’s dogs. Hand crafting an environment that is

tailored to ensuring your dog is happy and healthy, our passion shines

through our dedication to bring out the best in your dog. Every dog that

joins us, will always go home with a wonderful story to share.

Our Team

--Melissa is one of the founders of Doggy's Daycare Centre. Every since she
  was young, she found ease in dealing with dogs and has always dreamt of
  one day owning her own dog daycare. Starting her career in the pet
  industry, she has worked with raising and caring for puppies to
  apprenticeships in understanding dog behaviour and management.

--Elayne is the founder and head trainer of Doggy's Daycare Centre. She is a dog
  behaviourist and is constantly deepening her knowledge in dog care and dog
  training. Her passion made her travel to the renowned Michael Elis Dog
  Trainers School in California to strengthen her understanding for proper dog
  management and handling skills. She is delighted to be able to realise her
  passion of running a daycare and to delve deeper into the knowledge of dogs.

--Daniel has been a part of Doggy's Daycare Centre since July 2018. He has spent
  many years of his life in animal rescue, rehoming and fostering. He also owns
  various pets. He spends his free time deepening his knowledge on animal
  health and nutrition.